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About our Fish and Chips

What is it that makes our Fish & Chips taste so good?

It could be because we use only the best grade and quality fish, and also because we take great care in the preparation and storage of your food.

We also use only top quality clean cooking fat, and we work to the highest and cleanest standards as we always aim to serve. Some Fish & Chip shops can be quite variable, but in our opinion, experience counts for a lot.

How we do things at Rock Salt (video)


Why you should choose our quality fish and chips

Only with our freshly cooked fish, can you fully appreciate the crisp batter encasing our market-fresh fish, and our perfectly dry and tasty golden chips straight from the fryer.

Our portions are not only very generous, but we also offer salad as an alternative to chips if you prefer a healthier or diet conscious option.

Here at Rock Salt, we serve only the finest quality food and we swear by our clean working environment as we adhere to extremely high standards. In our view, quality counts and it’s what we build our reputation upon.

Gluten-free Fish and Chips on Fridays

We go the extra mile and listen carefully to the needs of all our customers, which is why we now operate a ‘gluten free’ policy on on our Fish and Chips here at our Portsmouth shop on Fridays.

Most other Fish and Chip shops don’t fully appreciate that some people cannot eat regular Fish and Chips due to their high gluten content, but we go the extra mile to bring you ‘Gluten Free Fridays’.

Also, worth noting is that we also cook our Fish separately to our chips and change our oil very regularly so you can rest assured that your food is as clean and healthy as it can be, which means our food is a lot easier on your digestion and much better for you.

A family tradition of experience and expertise

Pedro has been frying, since 2002 and grew up in the industry. He is an expert in the business and knows his trade extremely well. He works to the highest standards to bring the best experience to his customers.

Quality counts on our fish and chips

To us, the quality of the food we serve and our quality of service is what is most important to us. Quality counts and your custom matters greatly to us.

Our motto for great quality and service

We live by our motto of ‘We aim to serve‘. This is mainly because we work tirelessly, as we work with the best quality local food suppliers to bring you only the very best quality food at affordable prices.

We aim to serve

We operate and only believe in working to extremely high standards as we continue to aim to serve.

We do it our way

What we do, we do it our way, or not at all. It’s that simple. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

We very much look forward to serving you soon.

All the best,


Rock Salt Fish and Chips, Portsmouth – We aim to serve.